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In consideration of Michael Meyer

From: domainremoved <Andreas>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 11:00:33 -0700

Dear Members of the Menlo Park City Council,

I am a visiting graduate student at Stanford in the field of economics, who
is in the area for six months. I have had the pleasure to live with the
Meyer family for almost three months now; I think this qualifies as a
referee on Michael Meyer's quality at home and away from work.

During my stay at the Meyer family's place, Michael has not only been a
great tenant, but also an amazing host. Besides making my stay as a tenant
easy and very comfortable, he has also invited me to countless parties,
dinners and get-to-gether's at his neighbors and family. This has made me
feel extremely welcome in their home. Moreover, whenever I had some issues
he's always been the first to aid me; for instance when I had to catch an
early flight he offered to drive me at 5.30 am to the airport. These
examples illustrate Michael's capacity and willingness to go the extra mile
for the people around, and include various people in his projects, an
ability that I'm certain he would bring to a public position for Menlo Park.

There is another side of Michael that I've also noticed living with him.
Michael has a natural curiosity for designing and attendance to detail.
This innate curiosity ranges from his garden projects where he has
stylishly installed different automatic lighting systems, unto the more
structured view that he has of policy on infrastructure in the town and
county. An example as how he has vast knowledge of green technology; not
only has he got an electrical car, his family also has several new means of
transportation such as a electric skate scooter. I'm sure this talent and
the knowledge it has given Michael as part of a planning commission.

As a consequence of the testimony above, I highly recommend Michael as
a candidate for the Menlo Park Planning Commission.

Received on Fri Apr 25 2014 - 10:58:50 PDT

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