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No to Rail Electrification

From: domainremoved <Eileen>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 15:48:23 -0700

Dear Transportation Manager and City Council members:

As a resident living right near the tracks and a Caltrain commuter, I am
opposed to the destruction involved in the Caltrain rail electrification.
Caltrain already runs at a deficit with fares barely covering 50% of its
costs. For most of the day, there is only 1 train per hour. There is not
enough demand to justify electrification (or High Speed Rail) in general.
Electrification will not create the demand.

I commute to SF every day. Companies move to SF so that they can hire
staff or keep employees who live in or move to the more affordable East
Bay, not the peninsula. The trains going south in the morning are not full
at all. I sometimes take the train one stop south to Palo Alto to catch a
bullet train North.

The other thing I don't like about these upgrade projects is that when they
raise the tracks, they cut off one side of town from the other, like in San
Carlos and the newly refurbished San Bruno stations. I like seeing trees
and greenery, not cement walls, when I want to walk to downtown. I am at
Millbrae BART a lot too. It's ugly, and never reached the projected
ridership it was supposed to attract.

I know there is all this going on about these new housing projects. The
yuppies being paid the high salaries are going to be in the city or further
South closer to San Jose depending on where their jobs are, not Menlo
I am really the exception by working in SF. Most of my neighbors work
south like in Palo Alto or a little further south. The quickest and
cheapest way South is to drive. The quickest way North is still to drive.
If there was parking available near my building, even at $440 a month with
the insane 25% tax, I would drive all the way to San Francisco instead. It
is still quicker, and you don't have to deal with the "characters" one
encounters on public transportation. I have been on MUNI when a guy pulled
a gun, on BART when a guy pulled a blade, and on Caltrain when a guy
started tearing up the seat next to him.

There is no demand for better public transportation that justifies
destroying a middle class (for Menlo Park) neighborhood of young working
couples, couples with small children, single people and a few retired
people. The area between Ravenswood and Glenwood is where a lot of people
get introduced to Menlo Park. Keep it nice. And of course, I cannot
attend the meeting, because like most people in my neighborhood, I have to
work, and can't make a meeting at 6p.m.

Thank you,
Eileen Lehmann
389 Oak Grove Avenue
Received on Thu Apr 24 2014 - 15:46:42 PDT

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