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Please Stand Up For Local Residents and Businesses on High-Speed Rail

From: domainremoved <patty>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2014 10:00:45 -0700

Dear Members of the Menlo Park City Council,

We have been residents, homeowners, and active community members in Menlo
Park for over 33 years. We believe our little city on the Peninsula
provides a wonderful, pleasant, convenient living and working environment.

We are very concerned about how the possible electrification project for
caltrain will adversely effect Menlo Park. Obviously, you realize that the
tracks in this area run right by homes, parks, and businesses. Thus, the
possibility of eminent domain acquisition of private and public property is
very disturbing. The proposed cutting down and severly trimming of
hundreds of trees will not only comprise the natural beauty of our
community but will also remove their natural barrier for sound and dust.
The idea of unsightly, industrial style overhead wires 30 - 50 feet tall
looming throughout Menlo Park in frightening. We who live near the tracks
to do not want more horn noise, and no community member needs more traffic
problems. (We all have enough of both!)

It is our hope that you, our council members, will demand that the final
EIR for this project will fully analyze all these concerns and consider
options that are more environmentally friendly and respectful of our homes
and businesses. For instance, pole design should be evaluated carefully.
 A center pole, not two poles on the outer edges of each of the two tracks,
would reduce the number of trees that would need to be removed or trimmed
and some of the overhead wires. Also, the option of self-propelled
electric vehicles should be examined carefully.

When we elected you, we put our trust in you and hope that you will work
diligently to preserve the integrity of Menlo Park.

Patty and Jim Boettcher
346 Felton Drive
Menlo Park
Received on Thu Apr 24 2014 - 09:59:14 PDT

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