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Kill the Well in Nealon Park

From: domainremoved <Elizabeth>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 14:58:59 -0700

Dear Council,

After four years and hundreds, if not thousands, of wasted Staff hours,
isn't it time the Council - with or without Councilmember Keith, direct
staff to cease ALL work on the 'well project' for the Private Sharon
Heights Golf and Country Club, unless and until there is adequate (follow
Santa Clara or other counties - let's not reinvent the wheel here,)
adjudication of the San Franciscito aquifer in San Mateo County. And,
wouldn't it be nice if Menlo Park led the charge?

By letting this project continue you are responsible for waisting precious
and limited staff time and tax dollars, with the insipid appearance of
favoritism to an elite private country club where 99% of residents in
MenloPark can ill-afford to join. Or is this simply as a way for you
and staff
to appease the large developers salivating for more water for bigger and
bigger projects? (Facebook expansion, housing element, and El CaminoCorridor.)

Further, have the vision to designate Jack Lyle Park as Open Space
Conservation District (Nealon Park already is,) and cease all Public
Private Partnerships in our parks that don't show tangible benefits to the
Residents, not just Money for the City.

If the real goal is to save water, why not direct Staff to take initiative
to find out how much individual wells at Jack Lyle and Nealon to water ONLY
Jack Lyle and Nealon would save the City in a cost/benefit analysis? (It's
roughly 30K for a well to water a park.) Low-flow toilets in the Park's
public restrooms would be good too.

Enough is enough. Four years is enough. IS THERE ANYONE IN THE CITY WHO
this to a study session or a black-hole sub-committee, kill the well, it's
a bad idea that never should have gone this far.


Elizabeth Houck
Menlo Park
Received on Wed Apr 23 2014 - 14:57:29 PDT

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