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From: Angela t. Cannavo <"Angela>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2014 11:51:38 -0700

April 4, 2014 To:         Mayor Ray Mueller, Vice Mayor Catherine Carlton, Richard Cline, Kirsten Keith and Peter     Ohtaki From:    Angela T. Cannavo – 1085 Tasman Drive, Space #412, Sunnyvale, CA  94089   Good Morning: I own the property located at 1701 Valparaiso Avenue, Menlo Park.  At present, the house is a rental.  The arborist I am currently working with has advised me to contact my City Councilman for help regarding a matter with PG&E:  the corner Redwood Tree on my property has been victimized by PG&E for decades.  My parents had endless problems in their dealings with PG&E, and I am now in their shoes. This Redwood, which has been there since before 1955 (I have period photos, as well) is in conflict with the transmission wires running along Valparaiso.   The present issue concerns the removal of all the top branches to the trunk, which will seriously compromise the health of this tree.  I have been told by a PG&E Rep. that their ideal would be to remove this tree.  I believe their current demands are designed to create the very conditions which will require removal.   I am willing to compromise with PG&E in several ways – as my parents had always done, though with intense upset to them over many years - but it comes back to what PG&E  wants at all times.  Within the past weeks there have been instances which have occurred between PG&E and me which have caused me to tell them that I will no longer honor verbal contracts between us.   I require all issues now to be in writing.  I have learned, to my sadness, that even their written word reverts back to exactly what they want. There are more details, which I will spare you until the time they are needed, if someone at your end can, in fact, help me.  I feel I need mediation between myself and PG&E.  Something has to happen on my behalf, as I cannot continue knowing that I have to experience these horrible dealings with them twice - or more times - within one year.  It must stop.  There has to be a compromise that I can trust.  I refuse to be the one to make the total sacrifice. I ask that someone from your office please contact me and guide me through this maze.  No deadline has yet been given to me, though I surmise that with PG&E they want immediate action.  I am very willing to meet with you personally, as well. I look forward to your earliest response and end this email with many thanks for your time and consideration, Angela T. Cannavo (408) 329-6418(408) 329-6418
Received on Fri Apr 04 2014 - 11:50:19 PDT

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