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Re: Menlo Park Electrification Comments

From: domainremoved <Kathy>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 18:50:36 -0700

Hi Nikki, thank you for your feedback. Question, isnít it possible for the Council to have another meeting scheduled? Did you read my comments? If you see value in them, is there any chance that amendments can be made to your existing letters to add some of the suggestions I noted as comments particularly in relation to CEQA, restrictions in the MOUs and the Railroad issues. Having the meeting item earlier would be a good thing since the public might attend though thereís been very little public outreach about this meeting.

I donít know when we have had a rail meeting with the public being invited. It just seems a shame to not include the public before you send these comments out. Caltrain has come to other cities but apparently not to Menlo Park. Marian Lee told me we would have something in April in Menlo Park. I really think the timing of the council meeting should be reconsidered.

 Again, you guys did a very nice job with your comments but the absence of more specific CEQA comments is lacking. I also noted the absence of supporting documents in a couple of places. If I did not see something in staffís comments, forgive me as I do a lot of speed reading on transportation issues. Regards, Kathy

On Mar 31, 2014, at 5:10 PM, Nagaya, Nicole H <nhnagaya_at_(domainremoved)

> Hi Kathy,
> Thank you for your comments on the City's draft letter in response to the Caltrain Electrification DEIR. I understand your request to delay recommendations of the item until a later date to allow for additional public feedback. However, the City Council does not have another scheduled meeting until Tuesday, April 29th, and the public comment period for the DEIR also closes on April 29th. Thus, if the item is postponed, the City would not meet the required deadlines to submit comments on the document. As such, Menlo Park is the first of the Peninsula Consortium Cities to bring the item forward for Council's consideration.
> Regarding your request to amend the agenda order, please note that it was originally developed to allow Caltrain staff to be present at the Council meeting to answer questions about the DEIR and project. Caltrain staff was scheduled to attend Atherton's Rail Committee tomorrow evening, 4/1 at 6pm, as well. Caltrain's attendance has since been cancelled, allowing their staff to be present at the start of Menlo Park's Council meeting. However, the order of agenda items to be heard will be determined at Council's discretion at the outset of the meeting tomorrow; there are additional public hearing items on agenda also.
> Please let me know if I can help answer any other questions. Again, appreciate your comments on this item.
> Best,
> Nikki
> Nicole H. Nagaya, P.E.
> Senior Transportation Engineer
> City of Menlo Park
> P: 650.330.6781
> e: nhnagaya_at_(domainremoved)
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> From: Kathy Gmail [mailto:katham3_at_(domainremoved)
> Sent: Monday, March 31, 2014 11:35 AM
> To: _CCIN
> Subject: Menlo Park Electrification Comments
> Please find my comments. Here's the bottom line. Please wait until after the city conducts a public meeting on the subject. There is plenty of time.
> What the city staff has put together is a great effort but there are significant areas within CEQA that need to be addressed. I am unsure if I can attend the meeting particularly if it will be held late at night. Please let me know if you will amend your agenda and have it earlier in the evening. Thank you, Kathy Hamilton.
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