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Fwd: 1900 El Camino Real letters of support

From: domainremoved <hheron>
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2014 21:13:03 -0800

To: Mayor Mueller, Planning Commissioners, City Council members, Senior
Planner Thomas Roger, City Manager Alex McIntyre, Community Development
Director Arlinda Heineck,

We are the owners of 1900 El Camino Real and would like to share some
information with you. Some of you may have seen this information before
but since you are all busy people, we would like to refresh your memory.

Don Barnby has continued to write and speak to the City against us. He
has claimed repeatedly that he represents “virtually 100%” of the people
of Spruce Avenue.

He does not represent 100% of Spruce. Seven (7) of the owners/residents
of Spruce Avenue changed their minds after our outreach efforts. Their
letters of support are attached to this email.

Two additional residents did not respond either way. Others on Spruce
have said that they “do not want to start a fight with Don Barnby” and
therefore, are afraid of discussing the issue. This means that there
are at least nine (and likely, more) people of Spruce Avenue who are not
represented by Don Barnby.


Soa Tsung and Jaya Virmani

Received on Sun Mar 02 2014 - 21:12:38 PST

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