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Sharon Green Apartment Health and Safety Concerns

From: domainremoved <Alexander>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 17:51:55 -0800

Dear Members of the City Council,

My name is Alexander Fogel, and I am a Stanford Medical Student and resident of the Sharon Green apartments owned by BRE Corp. I have significant health, safety and environmental concerns about the proposed construction plans at Sharon Green to be discussed on the March 4 City Council meeting. I urge you to vote against this project until adequate studies have been performed to keep Menlo Park residents and the environment safe.

First and foremost, the health and safety of residents and nearby dwellers in Menlo Park has not been adequately addressed by the BRE corporation. A volcano of toxins, carcinogens, dust, and debris will invariably be produced by a project of this magnitude. Many residents of Sharon Green live in units with inadequately maintained windows (like mine), there is no seal to protect us from these exposures. We invite any and all of you to come for an on-site visit to see this in-person: I would be glad to show you.

From a medical standpoint, children are most at risk from this pollution: not only are children smaller and still developing, thus requiring smaller amounts of chemicals to cause major harm and disrupt normal developmental processes, but airborne toxins settle on the ground where children are playing. Once these toxins enter the home, it is nearly impossible to get them out again. There are many families here, and my wife and I just celebrated the birth of our first baby. We need to do our best to keep them safe.

Additionally, there has been no environmental study on the potential impact of a project this large involving older buildings, all of which contain Prop 65 warnings due to the presence of carcinogens and toxins. This land is home to many animals, plants and trees that are at risk. Furthermore, this project involves cutting down hundreds of trees, many of which are healthy. This will disturb living spaces for many animals and decrease the green space in our community.

My wife and I have lived in Menlo Park for two years now, and we do not believe that this is the type of community where a large corporation can run roughshod over the basic health and safety rights of individuals, families, and the environment. Does the BRE corporation have the interests of Menlo Park residents in mind? The answer is a resounding "No!". Will Essex Properties when they take over in a few months? We can't be sure, and we can't be sure that they will honor non-mandatory provisions in the current plans.

Please protect us, save the lives of trees and animals, and prevent excessive contamination of our environment. I urge you to vote against this project on medical, environmental, and ethical grounds.

Thanks again for your consideration, and for protecting my family and the hundreds of individuals at risk.


Alexander Fogel
Stanford University School of Medicine, MD Candidate
Received on Tue Feb 25 2014 - 17:51:55 PST

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