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Surf Air, 3rd time today over the same houses

From: domainremoved <Tyler>
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 16:27:49 -0800

Mr. Eyerly,


I've got to say I'm impressed by the sheer audacity of your company's


This is the 3rd time one of your company's aircraft has flown over my
backyard today.


For your information the building just in front of your aircraft on all
three of the screen captures I have sent today is Hillview Middle School.
Also flown over on the previous two flights are Menlo College, Menlo School
and Sacred Heart School. Next on your aircraft's noisy path is Holy Cross



Please reply as soon as possible with details of your plan to live up to the
company's statement of intent "to not to fly over the same house twice in
the same day".


Please provide names of the FAA officials you are in direct contact with,
and your conservative anticipated timeline to resolution. Please tell us if
there is any help we can provide to add weight to any initiatives you have


I will route further communication to you via one of my neighbors with
longer history and deeper perspective on this issue.


Thank you.


Tyler Cobbett

(image/png attachment: image001.png)

Received on Sat Feb 22 2014 - 16:27:55 PST

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