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Pope-Chaucer bridge replacement

From: domainremoved <Tricia>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 23:41:37 -0800


I've lived in the Willows in Menlo Park for 15 years - a few blocks from
the creek. Thank you for all your work on the Pope-Chaucer bridge

Unfortunately, the current proposals with flood walls are irrevocably
disasterous to the flora and fauna in the creek and surrounding areas.

The USGS study that is referenced on the sfcjpa.org website is from Herman
Karl, who retired years ago (and now lives in Boston). In a
he published in 2005 <http://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/pp1710/pp1710.pdf>, he refers
to the San Francisquito Creek as "the last remaining creek on the peninsula
that has not been diverted into a concrete channel in its downstream
reaches". It is our responsibility - our stewardship - that must keep it
that way.

I understand the goal is to get protection from the 100 year flood event
and thereby FEMA compliance. I would urge further study on alternatives
to flood walls, including:
- retention basins and other diversions in the upper watershed
- an underground bypass

There are also resources in the scientific community that I would like to
see that the bridge replacement project take advantage of:

1. ACTERRA - As you probably know, ACTERRA has a Watershed Stewardship
program which helps promote creek restoration. They could provide insight
in designing proposals that support our creek's ecosystem.

2. USGS and Stanford Hydrologists - The hydrologists at USGS and Stanford
might be able to provide some guidance.

Another group that might be worth tapping into is "Beyond Searsville Dam"
as they have studied the habitat for years.

Best regards,
Tricia Barr

Referenced: Herman Karl, USGS Scientist (retired)
San Francisquito Creek
Received on Mon Feb 17 2014 - 23:41:16 PST

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