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Chaucer street bridge alternatives

From: domainremoved <Anke>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 14:26:07 -0800

dear members of menlo park city council,

i have been a willows neighborhood resident since 1997 and have seen the creek water flooding the streets on two occasions.
It's obvious that something needs to happen in order to prevent flooding in the future.

Unfortunately, the solutions proposed by SCVWD are a prime example of piss poor design thinking. "The roof is leaking, why don't we all start carrying umbrellas"

I would like you to strongly consider the save the oaks proposal for upstream diversion.

If for some reason the alternatives don't work within the boundaries that the city has been given, another option would be to call in the help from the world's experts on water management, the Dutch.
This is a non profit institution that used to be part of the University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands.
I may be able to introduce you to some of the people who work there, since i am an alumni of the above university.

Kind regards,

Ir. Anke de Jong
153 oak court
menlo park, ca 94025
Received on Thu Feb 13 2014 - 14:25:45 PST

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