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2014 Policy Agenda Now Posted on Web

From: domainremoved <CalChamber>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 22:15:18 +0000

February 12, 2014

To: Members, California Chamber of Commerce

The California Chamber of Commerce 2014 Business Issues and Legislative Guide is now available at http://links.email.calchamber.com/ctt?kn=5&ms=NDUwODM0MDMS1&r=NDc4MzYyMjQ3MzES1&b=2&j=MzgxNTU3MTQ4S0&mt=1&rt=0. We hope you will find it a handy reference providing background to policies we have identified as Solutions for a Strong California.

The policies outlined here are based on the program of work approved in December by the CalChamber Board of Directors.

Because policy discussions often move quickly, we will bring you regular updates via the CalChamber Alert newsletter and our website. This year you have a new option for getting updates on priority business issues—the CalChamber Alert App. Learn more and sign up -- http://links.email.calchamber.com/ctt?kn=1&ms=NDUwODM0MDMS1&r=NDc4MzYyMjQ3MzES1&b=2&j=MzgxNTU3MTQ4S0&mt=1&rt=0

Remember you also can sign up for our free enewsletters: Daily Headlines brings you a CalChamber top story of the day and general news updates five times a week, while the weekly Trade Update focuses on international affairs. The HRWatchdog Blog and the biweekly HRCalifornia Extra help you or your human resources specialist stay up-to-date on the practical implications of labor laws, regulations and court decisions. If you are frequently on the go, try following us on Twitter -- http://links.email.calchamber.com/ctt?kn=8&ms=NDUwODM0MDMS1&r=NDc4MzYyMjQ3MzES1&b=2&j=MzgxNTU3MTQ4S0&mt=1&rt=0

More tools to help you stay informed and get involved are available at our grassroots website -- http://links.email.calchamber.com/ctt?kn=6&ms=NDUwODM0MDMS1&r=NDc4MzYyMjQ3MzES1&b=2&j=MzgxNTU3MTQ4S0&mt=1&rt=0 -- where you will find easy-to-edit letters to elected representatives and updates on the status of legislation.

As a valued CalChamber member and leader in the employer community, you are essential to our ongoing effort to make sure policymakers and the public at large keep in mind the actions needed to keep California moving toward economic recovery. We appreciate your support.

Please communicate your concerns regularly to your elected representatives. Encourage your business colleagues to do the same. Together, we can turn California’s recovery into prosperity.

Anne L. Buettner
Chair, Board of Directors

Allan Zaremberg
President and Chief Executive Officer

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Sacramento, CA 95814
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Received on Wed Feb 12 2014 - 14:14:56 PST

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