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Item 2 on 1/12/14 Agenda

From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2014 09:00:05 -0800

At the last County Planning Commission hearing in December, staff were instructed to notify the affected communities of the changes proposed and more information was to be provided as to the specific sites.  As far as I know absolutely nothing has happened and no one that I know of has received any such notice.  This one developer is planning to have the subdivision regulations changed for the entire unincorporated county, just because he wants to subdivide an already developed, substandard lot at the corner of Alameda and Sharon Roads in W. Menlo Park.  I have made a CPR request for the data on proposed sites in Stanford Weekend Acres, N. Fair Oaks, and Emerald Hills.  This is an outrageous proposal that contemplates altering county regulations for the economic benefit of one developer.  That is the very definition of SPOT ZONING which is unconstitutional.  Any developer has the option of requesting exceptions.  Apparently that idea has been
 rejected by staff.  W. Menlo Park is immediately adjacent to the city of Menlo Park and is a prime candidate for annexation.  The proposed regulations will not comport with their subdivision regulations and could cause problems and added expense down the road.
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