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Please ask the Joint Powers Authority to structure their proposals properly

From: domainremoved <David>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2014 05:03:15 -0800

Dear Council members,

I have lived at 1143 Woodland Ave for 21 years.

At recent community meetings, the San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers
Authority (JPA) has proposed radical changes to the existing creek and the
structures along the creek. Several of these changes will have a negative
impact on the character of Menlo Park neighborhoods and will adversely
affect the properties of numerous Menlo Park families. The proposed changes
have been prematurely limited to a few alternatives, and they been
presented to the community without environmental impact assessment.

Moreover, the JPA has broken the set of proposals into several piecemeal
changes, rather than presenting the whole view of what will change. For
example, the JPA is seeking community approval of a new Pope-Chaucer Bridge
before and separately from the other flood control measures that the
construction of this bridge implies.

Certain property owners are seeking changes through the JPA that will
remove their properties from flood insurance requirements. The JPA has
provided no written assurance that the proposed changes will have this
effect, nor that Federal agencies' review will have an overall positive
impact on Menlo Park. The JPA has failed to provide any assurance that
properties that currently fall outside of the flood-insurance requirement
will remain outside of this requirement.

I urge the City of Menlo Park to demand that the JPA:

   - Provide a comprehensive comparative property-value assessment of the
   impact of all proposed changes, including the trade-offs being proposed
   between some homeowners avoiding flood insurance and the negative effect on
   other homeowners' property values.
   - Provide complete environmental impact assessment to the communities it
   serves before eliminating proposals, such as diversion under Willow Rd.
   - Consider the impact of piecemeal changes such as flood walls and new
   bridges within the larger context: if we divert flood water only into the
   creek; if we divert flood water through an underground channel; if some
   floodwater is retained upstream.

The overall effect of the current proposals being circulated by the JPA is
not known, especially since the environmental impact report has not been
completed on any proposal. However, the evidence at community meetings is
clear: some property owners would like to use the JPA as a tool to
eliminate their flood insurance requirement. They are attempting to
railroad through changes at the expense of other property owners, other
cities, and our natural environment.

All best

David Sloo
1143 Woodland
+1 415 370 7995
Received on Wed Jan 29 2014 - 05:03:15 PST

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