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Pope/Chaucer Bridge [We don't want flood walls!] - [read this one]

From: domainremoved <striffler>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2014 09:30:00 -0800

(...sorry, hit send too soon...)

Hi City Council,

Thank you for your esteemed service to our community.

Please approve the new bridge, but ****Please don't approve any flood walls
along the creek.**** We live on 1485 Woodland Ave, across from a heritage
oak tree along the creek, and we would be devestated if you put up these
flood walls.

1st. It would be a horrible impact to our community. The area would look
horrible and house prices would drop because of the loss of the woodsy
feel. Woodland is an entry corridor to the Willows and it would affect the
rest of the willows too.

2nd. Flood walls aren't needed.

a. Much remediation is being done downstream to mitigate backup in the
b. A new bridge will mitigate the pope/chaucer chokepoint.

Therefore, the impact of storms altogether is mitigated and we won't have
the same risk of the '89 flooding.

3rd. It's too expensive to build flood walls. If we ever have a real
"doozy" of a storm, it would be more cost effective to simply pay one-time,
as-needed, costs for onsite mitigation with sandbags, etc. Remember, this
might only happen once in 100 years from now. Why pay flood walls for 100
years, when the threat only occurs once.

In summary, the flood walls would be a terrible detriment to our community
and home values. They are not needed since we can mitigate the flooding
via the downstream efforts and the new bridge. And finally, the flood
walls are too expensive for what we really are going to get.

You can always build the bridge and defer the flood walls for 5 years to
measure/model the impact of the downstream and new bridge before rushing
into the flood walls. Wait and evaluate.

Alex Striffler-Hernandez

1485 Woodland Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Tue Jan 28 2014 - 09:30:19 PST

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