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Re: Pope Street Bridge

From: Keith, Kirsten <"Keith,>
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 16:23:35 -0800

Dear Mr. Andeen,

Thank you for your email. The San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority meets monthly to discuss creek projects. We are carefully evaluating all options for our beautiful creek. Please join us at our monthly meetings. The meeting schedule may be found at www.sfcjpa.org<http://www.sfcjpa.org/>.

I would also like to invite you to attend a workshop on <x-apple-data-detectors://4> Jan. 29<x-apple-data-detectors://4> on two design alternatives for the Pope/Chaucer Bridge replacement. The workshop will be set up to allow for smaller groups to discuss the elements of each alternative directly with project staff.

The goal is to address questions about the alternatives and to gain a better understanding of which, if either, of the two alternatives the community prefers us to further develop. If there are other options you would like to propose or discuss, I would be happy to hear about that, too.

The workshop will begin at <x-apple-data-detectors://5> 6:30 p.m.<x-apple-data-detectors://5>, with the small group sessions starting at 6:45 p.m.<x-apple-data-detectors://6> Parking is available on-site and light refreshments will be served. Please email rsvp_at_(domainremoved)

Workshop details

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014<x-apple-data-detectors://8>

Location: East Palo Alto Academy

Multi-purpose Room

475 Pope St.<x-apple-data-detectors://9>

Menlo Park, CA 94025<x-apple-data-detectors://9>
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.<x-apple-data-detectors://10>

If you would like to review the PowerPoint presentation from the Jan. 15 meeting or the displays and handouts, visithttp://www.valleywater.org/PopeChaucerBridge.aspx. For more information on the overall San Francisquito Creek Flood Protection Project, visit www.sfcjpa.org<http://www.sfcjpa.org/>.

Please note: This workshop is separate from the League of Women Voters’ meeting that is scheduled that same date.

Please feel free to share this email with your neighbors. The more public input we receive now, the better the project will be.

Kirsten Keith, Councilmember, Former Mayor of Menlo Park

Chair, San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority

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On Jan 26, 2014, at 3:40 PM, "Gerry Andeen" <gbandeen_at_(domainremoved)

Menlo Park City Council,
I am aware of the constriction to the creek at the Pope Street bridge, and of possible overflow flooding during periods of high runoff, especially when debris is trapped by the bridge. Thus I was pleased when I read of plans to rebuild the bridge.
However, concerns have been raised that the project involves more than removing the narrow bridge, that it involves changing the nature of the creek by building levees, a sort of Corps of Engineers channelization solution. This seems like a myopic plan when a variety of factors should be considered. For example, what might be done upstream where urban development has increased the suddenness of the runoff?
I trust that the Council listen to several ideas and give careful consideration before proceeding with a grand solution that alters the nature of our community.
Gerry Andeen
1135 Santa Cruz Avenue
Received on Sun Jan 26 2014 - 16:23:33 PST

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