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food truck comments

From: domainremoved <Lisa>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 15:48:01 -0800

I've never written to the City Council before but wanted to express my
opinion about the potential food truck idea for Wednesday nights at the Cal
Train station, and I heard it might be discussed at the meeting on Tuesday
or at some future meeting.

I actually really love this idea, I think it would draw a lot of neighbors
to come out on a weeknight and enjoy interesting food, and would encourage
conversations and general "neighborliness" and sense of community! For me
and my husband, it would not at all replace our favorite MP restaurants, as
it's a totally different sort of outing, and we rarely go out on a
weeknight to eat anyway. Fresh food truck food would be a welcome change
from the frozen or makeshift dinners that we usually end up eating on those
nights due to our busy work schedules. This would definitely get us out of
the house and enable us to meet and get to know more of our neighbors. I
would also think more pedestrians on Santa Cruz could generate more
business for places like Kepler's, Baskin Robbins, any other shops that
stay open during dinner time, even Cafe Barrone for when people want an
after-dinner coffee or dessert.

I've been to the "Off The Grid" food truck gathering at the Belmont Cal
Train station and loved it, and I think it would work even better in
downtown Menlo Park due to the walkability factor and the higher density of
residents in the area, and the nicer setting - no cars whizzing by on El
Camino like in Belmont (where El Camino is almost a highway).

Count us in as pro-food-truck!!

Lisa & Steve Golden
Downtown residents
Received on Mon Jan 13 2014 - 15:46:24 PST

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