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Grade Separation Not Considered

From: domain_name_was_removed <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 15:55:24 -0500


One Grade Alternative NOT considered.
Dear Council Members and Incoming Council Members At the last City Council meeting, you did not consider the following alternative. Note that this would partially raise the tracks,

1.     would  increase connectivity in Menlo Park,  
2.     would keep  all the current crossings open  
3.     and would  potentially not require a disruptive shoefly during 
construction .
Change is tough but please lets consider all the options. The rendering below shows that the tracks are suspended on posts. So that parking or kiosks can exist underneath and none of the roadways are not closed.  

We have been told by a professor at Cal Poly that trellis-style Grade separations can be done without creating a shoefly—and without disrupting daytime traffic flows. An extreme plus. Thanks for adding this to your alternative list on this MOST important issue.
Mickie Winkler

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