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Climate Action

From: domainremoved <Nicole>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2020 14:25:06 -0800

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Honorable Mayor Taylor and City Council members,

As a frequent writer of climate letters to you, you already know I support Menlo Spark’s goals listed below, however I'd like to add a couple of thoughts.

In talking to people who work in downtown Menlo Park, such as my hair stylist or a sales woman in a local clothing store, (both of whom commute from San Jose) I hear that they feel terrible about driving gasoline cars and spending their hard-earned money doing something they know is bad for the environment. If we are serious about getting people into electric cars, they need to be able to charge while they are here working. They are willing, even eager, to drive electric, but we have to make it possible. It is also MUCH cheaper to operate an electric vehicle, as you've no doubt already heard many times.

Speaking of commuting, my heart goes out to the people that have a couple hours of driving added to their work day, and that much less time to spend with their families or do something healthier than sit in a car. At my children's school, my younger daughter's favorite teacher, a woman so excited about teaching math it made her jump up and down, left the school so she could teach closer to home and her new baby. My older daughter's favorite teacher was also considering a similar move, last I heard, to be closer to his wife and young kids. The housing situation is inhumane, bad for our community, and harming the environment. So many reasons to address that problem.

Below are specific measures we should commit to:

  * adopting a Climate Action Plan that Achieves the Environmental Quality Commission recommended goal to be carbon neutral by 2030,
  * phasing out fossil fuel vehicles in the city’s fleet and fossil fuels used in all city buildings for heating or appliances, and installing battery energy storage to improve resilience,
  * reducing traffic and pollution by increasing allowable housing density in the downtown plan, so that more housing, with a focus on affordable housing, can be built near transit and services,
  * and replacing fossil fuels

Yours Truly,
Nicole Kemeny
1875 Oak Knoll Lane
Menlo Park
Received on Thu Jan 30 2020 - 14:29:16 PST

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