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Goal Setting Meeting

From: domainremoved <Charles>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2020 13:07:19 -0800

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Council Members:

I have recently been appointed as the Menlo Park liaison for 2020 for the Menlo Park Fire Protection District. I am aware of your goal-setting meeting today, but I have a day job and am unable to attend.

I have attached a letter sent to you previously by our chief and new board president. I have attached it to ensure that you have it to consider during your meeting today.

I am aware of several other issues that the board has discussed in the past that it may want to pursue with the city. One, for example, pertains to the availability of sufficient water pressure to provide adequate coverage for the many new developments, and the taller projects, being built in the city. Another pertains to the lack of fire sprinklers in downtown buildings and the possibility of a conflagration that could wipe out much of the downtown. Another is the inclusion of fire district staff in the initial reactions to development proposals that would normally occur if fire suppression and prevention were part of city government.

If anyone would like to contact me about any of these matters, you may reach me at my office (650-424-1155, x1 or my work and district e-mail addresses (cbernstein_at_(domainremoved)

     â€”Chuck Bernstein

Received on Thu Jan 30 2020 - 13:11:13 PST

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