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Goal setting agenda

From: domainremoved <Barbara>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2020 12:09:00 -0800

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Recommendation for an Agenda Item.

Local Traffic , congestion that is occurring NOW, and will only exponentially increase
Along all major arterial roads, and within residential neighborhoods as a result of all the El Camino and Stanford Expansion developments.

Thus far there has been No Proactive plan to deal with this in a manor that requires infrastructure development and plans to mitigate the traffic problem.

Please creat Action items to Address this.
Allied Arts
Neighborhood are already a dangerous pass through for people to avoid EL CAMINO traffic
And stop lights.
Our neighborhoods do not have bike lane, or sidewalks and several people have almost been hit by cut through drivers speeding through.

Barbara Schwanke
Allied Arts Resident home owner 30 years

* Please pardon spelling, "i-thumbs, typing on an i-something"🌿
Received on Thu Jan 30 2020 - 12:13:01 PST

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