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Re: Priority Issue for PA City Council's Agenda for 2020 | Tasers are Instruments of Torture & should be Banned

From: domainremoved <Aram>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 22:11:40 -0800

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Hi Danielle,

Thanks so much for continuing to speak-out in this critical life and death issue.

Much respect,

Aram James

On Jan 28, 2020, at 4:06 PM, D Martell <dmpaloalto_at_(domainremoved)

Greg Tanaka
Palo Alto City Council

Dear Councilmember Tanaka:

Thank you for reaching out to me regarding "Tasers To Be Banned" in Palo Alto. I appreciate your taking the time to meet yesterday. (See forwarded email below.)

Our Palo Alto Police Department (PAPD) police officers have a history of Taser Abuse. I cannot feel safe with tasers in the hands of our PAPD. Because I continue to speak out against the construction of the brand-new $150 million-dollar (!) Police Station, and because I'm against tasers, I'm concerned an officer may wrongly use a taser in retaliation. Per your request, attached find three of my 2005 Palo Alto City Council campaign fliers advocating against Tasers. Also, here are the links you requested, which were sent to me by "old Palo Altan" taser-victim, Mr. Tony Ciampi, who was never accused of a crime and successfully sued the City of Palo Alto.

I remain available and ready to speak with anyone. Again, thank you for acknowledging my position in our community and calling on me for my opinion. Over the years, many Palo Altans have thanked me for bravely speaking out against tasers.

"Thank you for all your work now and going back to 2005 in being a pioneer in opposing deadly and tortuous tasers."

Aram James, former Santa Clara County Public Defender
January 2020

Danielle Martell
Palo Alto City Council Candidate 2016 & 2005



Judge Lucy Koh's Refusal to Recuse Herself Despite Blatant Conflict of Interest with former DOJ Colleague Michail Gennaco the Palo Alto Police Independent Auditor Who Got Caught Covering Up the Crimes of the Palo Alto Police




DA Jeff Rosen Palo Alto CC 92313 - YouTube<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrA7ehMi0Lg&feature=youtu.be>
Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen cannot refute the evidence that members of the Palo Alto Police edited and falsified audio/video recordings.

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: D Martell <dmpaloalto_at_(domainremoved)
Date: Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 4:42 PM
Subject: Tasers are Instruments of Torture & should be Banned | Priority Issue for City Council's Agenda for 2020
To: Council, City <city.council_at_(domainremoved)
Cc: Shikada, Ed <Ed.Shikada_at_(domainremoved)

I propose placing "TASERS TO BE BANNED", as a priority issue, on Palo Alto City Council's agenda for 2020.

During the past two decades, PAPD cost our city hundreds-of-thousands of dollars for breaking civil rights and unprovoked violence against law-abiding Palo Alto residents. In 2007, Council allowed taser use by a slim 5-4 vote. In 2008, long-time resident Anthony Ciampi was injured as a result of being tasered, filed an $11-million-dollar lawsuit, and settled victorious. Mr. Ciampi was NEVER suspected of a crime.

Taser voltage is unreliable, and can be lethal. According to WASHINGTON (Reuters), in the U.S., there has been more than 1,000 deaths after being tasered by police officers.

I've lived my life in Palo Alto, and I don't know of one resident that supports the use of tasers in our community. In 2018, East Palo Alto City Council members voted unanimously to nix the use of tasers by their police officers.

Tasers are uncivilized instruments of torture.

Danielle Martell
Palo Alto City Council Candidate 2016 & 2005

<2005 MARTELL taser (1of2).pdf>
<2005 MARTELL taser (2of2).pdf>
<2005 Martell police practices scorecard.pdf>
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