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Concerns with the Arrowhead Lane neighborhood

From: domainremoved <Drew>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2020 08:58:45 -0800

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Greetings, I am composing this email to you as a frustrated but hopeful resident of Menlo Park. Since moving to Arrowhead Lane in June I have noticed recurring issues in the neighborhood concerning local laws and ordinances. Myself and others have filed complaints through the appropriate channels such as the ACT Menlo Park app and other online reporting tools to seemingly no avail. The list of issues clearly visible in the neighborhood include:

-old appliances, trash, and junk furniture left on peoples front lawns. Currently there are two refrigerators on the sidewalks of the neighborhood, one has been there for over a month and the other just over two weeks.

-cars that are parked illegally in the cul de sac, obscuring driveways

-a property that has no less than one dozen junk automobiles in the driveway and on the lawn, only 3 of which have moved in the past 6 months

-a garage that is being used as a residence for multiple persons, and two different properties where people are living out of an RV for at least part of the year

-various zoning issues regarding both temporary and permanent structures constructed on peoples property

-feral cats that residents feed intentionally

-noise ordinance violations every weekend

It is my opinion that due to the cultural makeup of this community, city officials choose to ignore the glaring issues on this street and avoid interfacing with the residents. I am asking the city of Menlo Park to respond to the issues present on Arrowhead Lane and make their presence known in enforcing local laws and ordinances. Arrowhead Lane is one block away from a school, a church, and two grocery stores and has the potential to be a great neighborhood situated nearby many of the cities amenities. I believe that starts with a community that respects each other and obeys the ordinances of the city we choose to live in. I appreciate your attention and service to Menlo Park.

Mr. D. Porter
26 Arrowhead Lane
Received on Wed Jan 22 2020 - 09:03:08 PST

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