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Dirt and mud tracked in our neighborhood from the Vance Brown site

From: domainremoved <Carl>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2020 08:22:29 -0800

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Dear council members
For some reason whenever excavation work is performed on the Menlo Park projects the contractor seem to fail to properly clean the trucks tires and rails and cover the load thereby spreading dirt along the haul route and only perform sweeping in a local area around the construction site
As I’m sure you are well aware CVC requires all loads be covered and no debris is allowed to discharge on the roadway Also state water resources code requires that during wet conditions the wheels of the off haul trucks are to be washed to avoid tracking mud onto the road
The contractor Vance Brown has not been following the CVC or the water resources requirements
This is causing mud and silt to now wash onto the frontage of my and my neighbors homes that will need to be removed by the home owners as the state and the city of Atherton do not maintain the el Camino
This disregard for following the codes and regulations is causing an undue burden on the adjoining neighborhoods just so VB can save some labor costs
I’m hoping you can help to rectify the problem and have our neighborhood cleaned up

Thank you for your attention to this matter
Carl Ferrero
819 el Camino real

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Received on Thu Jan 16 2020 - 08:26:52 PST

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