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Please take up Safe Storage of Firearms

From: domainremoved <Yvonne>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 18:45:06 +0000 (UTC)

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Members of City Council,

As a resident of Menlo Park, I urge you to take up and pass Safe Storage regulations. Sunnyvale passed regulations several years ago and many other cities in San Mateo have recently enacted regulations. My family are gun owners and support this as an aspect of safe and responsible gun ownership.

Unsecured firearms result it almost 1 death per day due to children unintentionally killing themself or another child. Roughly 2 teens each day commit suicide with an unsecured firearm. My husband is a gun owner who takes his responsibilities seriously and his firearms are securely stored in a gun safe. As a result, my daughter will soon celebrated her 33rd birthday. Rachel struggled with self worth as a teenager and attempted suicide when she was 16. Because she didn't have access to guns, she took an overdose of Tylenol and changed her mind 30 minutes later. She was able to get the help she needed to get through that crisis, and others, as she grew into adulthood. Suicides with a gun are fatal 85% of the time, and are fatal only 5% of the time with other methods.

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss this further, and am available to provide briefings to you and other members of city council on this topic.

Yvonne Murray
4 Elder Ct
Menlo Park
Received on Mon Jan 13 2020 - 10:49:09 PST

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