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Public Safety Alert to residents of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District and your elected representatives

From: domainremoved <Peter>
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2020 20:03:07 -0800

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Public Safety Alert to residents of the Menlo Park Fire Protection District and your elected representatives

Dear Fellow Residents and your elected officials,

Seven years ago the Atherton Town Council began a campaign to extract your property tax dollars from your Fire District for the benefit of the very affluent Town of Atherton. After seven years and expending or causing to be expended more than $100k of our tax dollars this effort has produced nothing except ill will.

When all their other efforts to do take your tax dollars from the Fire District failed the Town Council then approached the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) to propose that the Town detach from the Fire District. Even after being advised by the LAFCO (see excerpts from the Town's own Staff Report – Attachment 1) that it would NOT support the Town Council's proposal to detach from the Fire District the Town Council is now proposing (attachment 2) to use this LAFCO process as a subterfuge for further expenditure of our tax dollars.

Were the Atherton Town Council to succeed it its efforts to extract your property tax dollars from the Fire District two things would happen:

1 – the Fire District would be forced to REDUCE its level of service to ALL the residents of the Fire District and

2 – the property taxes of Atherton residents would not be reduced by a single penny.

What can you do to stop this proposed money grab by the wealthy Atherton Town Council from the 90,000 residents of the Fire District?

1 – Email your elected representatives and alert them to this ill advised and selfish proposal by the Atherton Town Council,

East Palo Alto City Council -

  Ruben Abrica rabrica_at_(domainremoved)

  Larry Moody lmoody_at_(domainremoved)

  Carlos Romero cromero_at_(domainremoved)

  Lisa Gauthier lgauthier_at_(domainremoved)

  Regina Wallace-Jones rwallacejones_at_(domainremoved)

Menlo Park City Council -


San Mateo County Board of Supervisors -

  District 3 dhorsley_at_(domainremoved)

  District 4 wslocum_at_(domainremoved)

2 – Email the Atherton Town Council - council_at_(domainremoved)

BEFORE their 15 Jan meeting and urge them to stop their irresponsible effort.

3 – If the Atherton Town Council persists in this ill advised effort then attend and bring all your neighbors to the Town Council's proposed “community” meeting (to which the Town Council only intends to invite Atherton residents) to speak out about the impact of their selfish actions on YOUR fire and YOUR emergency medical services.

Peter F. Carpenter

Former Director MPFPD 2002-2018

Former President Atherton Civic Interest League

Former Atherton Resident

Current Menlo Park resident

Attachment 1 – From Atherton Town Staff Report of 18 Dec 2019

“In October 2019, following a report out by the Subcommittee, the Council directed that the Subcommittee meet with representatives from the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) to explore the possibility of next steps through detachment or other solutions. The Subcommittee met with LAFCO in November 2019. LAFCO advised that they did not support the Town’s detachment from the Fire District and believed that the consolidation of services, even at the countywide level, was the best course. Overall, LAFCO advised that they did not have concerns about the fiscal equity issue(s) raised by the Town and felt that remaining in the District provided the best opportunity, not only for Atherton, but for other communities within the District’s boundaries. “

Attachment 2

Item No. 19 Town of Atherton





Review and discuss the proposed education/outreach program related to the Fire Services Study and provide direction.


At the December 18 City Council meeting, the Council discussed issues arising from completion of the Fire Services Fiscal Review and provided direction on next steps. The Council opted to consider:

  1. pursuit of further public education and outreach;

  2. completion of an application before the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) for detachment; and

  3. further conversation with County and/or State legislators for possible legislative relief.

Because items 1 and 2 could result in additional fiscal impact, the Council provided direction to staff to return with a proposal for an education and outreach plan (and any associated costs) for the Council’s consideration and return with a cost estimate and necessary reports for the LAFCO process, should it be pursued. The staff report and analysis on the LAFCO cost will likely return to the Council at the March 4 Study Session. Attached hereto is a proposal for public education and outreach and an estimate of associated costs.


The City Council has been engaged in issues related to fiscal review of fire services since 2013. A Town website was created chronicling the process and providing links to various reports and studies - https://www.ci.atherton.ca.us/460/Fire-Services-Fiscal-Review. <https://www.ci.atherton.ca.us/460/Fire-Services-Fiscal-Review> The website provides a History and Overview, a brief description of the revenues and costs for fire services as well as a table/map of calls by incident type. The website also provides links to the various Council meeting staff reports and studies. The January 2018 Staff Report link includes the letter sent to Atherton residents in January 2018 outlining the issues facing the Town.
Received on Sun Jan 12 2020 - 20:08:54 PST

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