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Feldman's and 1170 El Camino Real. Please include this email as part of the public record.

From: domainremoved <Daniel>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2020 19:02:23 +0000

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Hello City Council and Planning Commission,
    My name is Daniel Meehan, I have lived in Menlo Park with my family for 32 years. I am writing this email to express my thoughts and concerns about Feldman's Books and 1170 El Camino Real. I understand the owner of the property would like to remove Feldman's from the property and demolish the building, and build a new apartment structure.
     I am an artist, and I shop at Feldman's for reference materials for my art and design projects. Also, I have shopped at Feldman's Book for many years, for history, western Americana, religion, art and fiction books. I very much value a bookstore that provides fine used and reasonably priced books on these subjects.
     I would greatly miss this store and the service it provides. Can you arrange a place for the store on the first level of the new building. Or perhaps some other place for the store?
     I would also like to mention the Feldman's Books has for many years, made large donations of books to community fund raising events, to the Menlo Park Peninsula School Spring Fair and the Palo Alto Friends Meeting Harvest Festival.
    Please include this email as part of the public record regarding 1170 El Camino real and Feldman's Books.

Thank you
Daniel Meehan
1023 Del Norte Ave.
Menlo Park

Received on Fri Jan 10 2020 - 11:06:28 PST

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