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Fully Elevated Grade Separation Study

From: domainremoved <dana>
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2020 13:39:32 -0800

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Menlo Park City Council:

I am happily surprised to learn that, on January 14, city staff will present a modified statement of work for the study of fully elevated grade separations (FEGS) in Menlo Park, and want to thank you for putting this item on the agenda for your next City Council meeting.

This study is an extremely important step for our community as both the Council and residents need to have comprehensive information about FEGS design options in order to fairly evaluate and compare them to each other AND the hybrid separation alternative currently preferred by the Council.

I recall that in July the Rail Subcommittee instructed staff to make several key modifications to the draft statement of work for the FEGS study

• Evaluate the technical feasibility of different FEGS profiles so they can be compared. These include ones where the northern grade starts between Encinal and the city boundary with Atherton. (Note: FEGS design profiles should NOT be constrained by Caltrain’s 1% grade standard as exceptions are possible. Nor, must Glenwood be fully elevated as a hybrid grade separation there might make sense.)

• Evaluate the impacts, e.g., traffic, noise, vibration, aesthetics, the environment, of different FEGS designs on three neighborhoods that are adjacent to the tracks. For the purpose of the FEGS study, these neighborhoods are bounded by ...

o Encinal and the northern city boundary with Atherton

o Encinal and Ravenswood

o Ravenswood and the southern city boundary with Palo Alto

• Assess the expected impact of different FEGS designs on construction schedule, schedule risk, local traffic

• Compare the above FEGS design options with the currently preferred grade separation alternative.

I will read the new statement of work for the FEGS study and provide my feedback directly to city staff.

Again, thanks for getting the FEGS study on track.

I hope this study gets underway soon as the timing of its completion is important.

Best regards,

Dana Hendricksopn
Received on Tue Jan 07 2020 - 13:44:13 PST

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