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Chilco Street [Second Request]

From: Bertini, David C <"Bertini,>
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2020 00:00:53 +0000

Good afternoon Mr. Schmidt.

Thank you for your email regarding traffic issues on Chilco Ave. The police department has received complaints of speeding vehicles and vehicles failing to stop at signs on Chilco and have made efforts to address those concerns. The traffic unit along with patrol officers have conducted special enforcement in the area and plan to continue to do so. For more information on traffic enforcement, please visit: https://www.menlopark.org/1611/Traffic-Strategic-Plan which details the strategic traffic enforcement plan implemented in July of 2019. This site also has information on reporting traffic complaints directly to the police department.

Please also visit: https://www.menlopark.org/152/Transportation-Division for information on transportation plans and projects being undertaken by the city.


Hello again,

This is my second request for information. I note that the city has installed (or allowed to be installed) traffic lights on Chilco to keep our Facebook neighbors safe as they move between buildings. The optics of this are not good in light of the still unlit, unmonitored and extremely dangerous crossing to Belle Haven school. In addition to people racing down Chilco, making illegal turns onto Henderson, and ignoring stop signs, we now have groups of youths on Facebook bicycles,without helmets, blowing through this intersection, often into wrong-way traffic.

These issues are only going to get worse with the increased student population with the consolidation of schools.

I am again inquiring if the city plans to extend the same protections to our children that it has to our Facebook neighbors.

Thank you,
Pete Schmidt

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 4:11 PM Pete Schmidt <schmidt.peterc_at_(domainremoved)

I'm writing to inquire about the traffic mitigation project in Belle Haven. I was under the impression that this was approved and funded. Yet we still have cut-through traffic driving 40mph in a 25mph school zone. The 7-way stop at Chilco and Ivy is terrifying. People barely slow down for the Chilco stop sign and I have almost been run down twice while walking my dog. Drivers cannot see people in the cross walk. To compound matters, there are now dozens of kids on Facebook bikes racing though this intersection daily. I personally do not feel safe as a pedestrian and I know many of my neighbors feel the same. What is being done?

Thank you,
Pete Schmidt


  Dave Bertini
  Police Chief
  Police Department
  701 Laurel St.
  tel 650-330-6321

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Received on Mon Jan 06 2020 - 16:05:00 PST

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