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Feldman's Books and the building at 1170 El Camino Real.

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Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2020 09:19:25 -0800

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Dear City Council of Menlo Park,
We are not happy to hear that yet another great piece of historical significance is up for potential destruction 🙁
The quaint city of Menlo Park that saw our children grow up and where we still presently reside is gradually losing its charm and appeal. You have allowed for Fosters Freeze and small local businesses on Oak Grove to be ripped out, in order build a huge 500 unit complex. God knows how all those vehicles of the tenants will impact our city!
Then there’s the awful buildings across from the Marsh Road freeway exit which are an eyesore and cast a shadow on beloved Bay Front Park and that’s not all. Enough is enough. Historical buildings need to be preserved for the sake of the community.
Don’t be like the our neighboring cities that
feel the need to develop the area to the extent that history and charm no longer holds a value to the community.
Please consider the harm that continues to impact our city with all the new construction. Perhaps a better choice would be to refurbished the older buildings that are still left rather than wipe away their footprint altogether.

Anthea Shands-Serret

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