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Analyst Opportunities

From: domainremoved <Ru>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2019 19:46:47 -0800

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City Council,

Recall I recently sent you an email regarding our planned staffing growth. My point was more is not better and the problem, from the user-perspective (as well as the auditor’s) is how we operate. To that end I’d urge NOT doing the same thing.

Case in point is the latest “opportunities” announcement for analysts. If the problem is “doing” effectively then why have several layers of reviewers, marketers, communicators (to communicate to you and public) involved. We don’t need to analyze we need to lead and develop staff to better do the job assignments. Can any of you pull those qualities/skill sets out of the below posting?

"The City of Menlo Park is recruiting four management analysts to help our organization better serve the community.
Two of these positions will report to theCity Manager's office.
One analyst will report to the Public Engagement Manager and support various city departments with citywide communications and marketing projects.
An additional analyst in the City Manager’s Office will work with department staff to support City Manager initiatives."

I don’t feel our staff are incapable but I do get the sense our managers are not up to the task. At least I have not seen it. Nearly every project from re-carpeting the office to reorganization to understanding what’s not working requires consultants. Maybe we should hire managers that know the in-n-outs and can develop staff to deliver on YOUR vision, or a vision.
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