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Re: closing 2 lanes of El Camino for 2 years

From: domainremoved <Paula>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2019 10:24:10 -0800

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Dear City Council,

I have to ask myself whose interests you are representing in allowing a developer to close down two out of three lanes in the main artery through our town? I am referring to the former Guild theater. The residents of Menlo Park were not given the opportunity to even weigh in on this decision- it was simply announced as a fait accompli.

Approval of this project was fast tracked and apparently no one asked the right questions about how the development phase would affect the town. Or perhaps no one saw this coming. Both options show a disturbing lack of foresight and willingness to safeguard citizensí safety and well being.

I would like you to go back to the project developers and make them bear the cost of this ridiculous oversight/ lack of planning. Let them work at night if they have to - 9 PM to 3 AM for instance. Stand up for the resident and citizens
who are already discommoded sufficiently by the state of gridlocked traffic in our city.

Thank you for your consideration,

Paula Maurano
Received on Tue Dec 17 2019 - 10:28:51 PST

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