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Please support bold climate action

From: domainremoved <Kristin>
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2019 09:47:19 -0800

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Dear Mayor Mueller and City Council Members,

Your continuing efforts to position Menlo Park as a sustainability leader make me proud to be a resident of Menlo Park. Thank you.

Ten years ago, the Menlo Park City Council adopted an ambitious carbon emission reduction target. Today, I am asking you to continue this bold direction and expand our target to zero carbon emissions by 2030.

With visionary leadership and regulatory guidance, Menlo Park can build on its past successes in supporting Peninsula Clean Energy, updating the General Plan to include landmark carbon emissions zoning regulations, and eliminating the use of fossil fuels in new construction.

In order to provide adequate financial and staffing resources to meet these necessary climate goals, please prioritize climate action planning in the city work plan for 2020. In addition, I encourage you to incorporate a Sustainability element in the General Plan for Menlo Park to develop an overarching blueprint to address these issues comprehensibly and responsibly.

Most sincerely,
Kristin Duriseti
Former Environmental Quality Chair
Received on Sun Dec 08 2019 - 09:38:16 PST

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