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USGS & RV parking

From: domainremoved <Vadim>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 21:18:04 -0800

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Menlo Park City Council,

My wife and I are residents of Menlo Park in Linfield Oaks - only a stone's-throw from the USGS campus. We are alarmed to hear that our city leaders are seriously entertaining the idea of using one of our prized neighborhoods for RV parking. Not only do we oppose this idea, but we see no reason why our city feels compelled to provide parking for people living in their vehicles. Will the city also provide equal-value services to the rest of its residents? Will the RV inhabitants be paying their fair share of property tax, utility services, vehicle registrtation & insurance, and rent - just like the rest of our city's residents? Will the city be providing sewage dumping and showers? Is the city prepared to compensate homeowners for the loss in value to their homes? Furthermore, is the city prepared to pay for the colossal legal fight they will incur due to this self-inflicted damage?

Action such as this makes us seriously doubt the competency of our city's leadership. Clearly, this is not what the majority of our local residents want - yet this idea is under consideration?! Bay Road in East Palo Alto was cited in the Daily Post as an example of another such RV transition site - have any of you ever been to that site? We have. We also have spoken to local business owners about the crime present due to the RV residents breaking in every night. We have witnessed the filth, trash, needles, and other drug paraphernalia strewn throughout that area. That is what you propose to bring into our community? This is where our neighborhood children should be playing? Really?

Council members, what is the reason you - as the representatives of our city and the best interests of its law-abiding, tax-paying, hard working residents - feel compelled to provide parking for RV inhabitants? There are far more sensible locations that would utilize property of a value more representative of the group it serves. It is likely some of these people will choose to relocate to a community more in-line with their needs and means - why interfere with that process? That is the natural evolution of communities - some grow, others shrink. When residents move in, increasing property demand, some people may choose to relocate to lower-demand areas that reflect the income level of their residents.

Please tell us how many people stand on each side of this issue? When was this survey conducted? We never received a questionnaire on this topic. As such, we hereby state our firm votes against this terrible idea.

Vadim & Alena Konings
Sherwood Way, MP
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Received on Fri Dec 06 2019 - 21:09:00 PST

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