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From: domainremoved <Cherie>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2019 17:25:05 -0700

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Dear Council members,

I urge you to keep our local papers' newsracks where they are in our downtown. Do not exile our newspapers to corrals that few people will seek out, but keep them in their current convenient locations.

The few newsracks that are no longer in use can of course be removed.
in fact, I understand that some years back, the Daily Post volunteered to remove the abandoned racks, but the MP City Council amazingly turned down this free offer.
Perhaps the Post staff would still be willing to do this in our downtown at no charge. If so, please take them up on this.

Here’s why our downtown newsracks are important:

  * The local papers are extremely popular in their current locations—especially by Draegers and Peets and Starbucks

  * They spark vibrancy and community: many people grab the local papers in the racks by Peets or Starbucks, etc., go inside and sit and chat about local affairs with friends or even strangers as they drink their coffee
  * Reading papers in public venues builds community and encourages conversation, rather than everyone just glued to their smartphones
  * These newspapers keep us up-to-date on local happenings that the national papers never cover
  * We get to read thought-provoking editorials and letters to the editors that are so important in a participatory system like ours
  * Our local newspapers are full of local ads and coupons, giving people incentives to shop locally
  * Our small businesses and real estate companies rely on our local papers to reach our community
  * Newspapers are in decline today, and if you move or reduce our downtown newsracks, this will undoubtedly hurt the distribution of these papers which are vital to our community
  * We are very lucky to have high quality local papers, but we could lose them or perhaps even put them out of business as an unintended consequence of removing their conveniently located newsracks
  * It ain’t broke—please don’t “fix” it!


Cherie Zaslawsky
Received on Mon Oct 28 2019 - 17:16:40 PDT

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