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11.24.050 MPMC | Overnight Parking in Residential areas

From: domainremoved <Patricia>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2019 17:05:16 -0700

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Dear Council Members,

I'm writing to propose talk about the 11.24.050 MPMC at the next council meeting. I will be attending and will be bringing some support. I have been living in Menlo Park since July and upon signing my lease, my landlord said that we can feel free to park overnight on the street.

I find the way that 11.24.050 MPMC is being enforced is discriminatory against people in low SES. It is classist and should be revised immediately.

These are the basics: (from reading online and what was said to me at the Menlo Park Police Department today when I went to buy an annual parking permit for one of our cars)

  * The law is no overnight parking (2am-5am) on residential street (or 700 ft from a residential street) - enforced 7 days a week.
  * The annual permit is available 1 per household if they live in a building that was built before that law was adopted.
  * Enforced 7 days a week
  * $2/night are available but one can only buy 50 per household per 6 months

While I don't have a strong argument for not having this law, I think that there could be a few things that do need to change. In particular, these are things that I find troubling:

  * There are no street signs that communicate this law
  * The permit isn't a visible (linked to each vehicle) and therefore it isn't obvious to someone who just moves here that there is some form of permit
  * 1 per household
  * Only given to residents of buildings that were built prior to this law.

Personally, I was given a "warning" on 07/10/19 but received no written warning on my car, nor in the mail.

There are more and more people, especially around this area and east of us that share housing because the cost of living around here is extraordinary. I was taken aback because while we were there today, there was a man who is back to live with his mom (due to health issues), and not only was he given this ticket, but they also ticketed him for not having a California registration. Furthermore, since his mom's apartment was built after the time the law took place, his home doesn't qualify for an annual permit. So for the time being, he is buying the $2/night temporary permits, which is ridiculous. It's forcing people who have less resources to spend more money and to park in possible unsafe locations and walk further away from their homes so that they don't receive a nightly $45 ticket.

The city is profiting from folk with less resources. It's unfair and I think it shouldn't be allowed.

I think that if the city wants to maintain 11.24.050 MPMC, I propose the following: 1) there are signs or there are permits visible 2) don't limit the annual permits per household 3) allow people to petition for a permit showing residency and/or California registration (Menlo Park address).

Thank you for attention,

Patricia Suma

Health Educator & Menlo Park resident
Received on Wed Oct 23 2019 - 16:57:05 PDT

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