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Re: 911 Sham

From: domainremoved <News>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 13:39:08 -0400

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Dear Mr. Latimore,

Thank you for your information.

The material you provided is being forwarded to SiliconValleyFreePress.com<http://SiliconValleyFreePress.com>

Thank you,


On 2019-09-25 17:21, John Lattimore wrote:

Palo Alto Mayor Eric Filseth

Mayor Filseth,
   I am writing to you concerning your comments in PaloAltoOnline<https://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/2019/09/24/city-council-has-questions-about-mishandled-911-call> about the negligent and callous treatment that a Palo Alto Resident couple received from your police department and city staff.<https://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/2019/09/20/on-the-ground-and-suffering-a-seizure-a-palo-alto-woman-pleaded-to-be-taken-to-the-hospital-but-police-kept-paramedics-from-helping-her-for-14-long-minutes>
Regarding the incident, you state, "There are still a number of unanswered questions," Filseth said, such as "why there is not camera footage from the sergeant (Adrienne Moore)."
Mayor Filseth you are an electrical engineer with an MBA who has worked as an executive for a number of companies and who currently sits on the board of Silicon Frontline Inc<https://www.siliconfrontline.com/products/>.; a company that produces several electronic products.
You have been aware of the incident since July and Sgt. Moore's missing videos for at least a month.
If you had employees at Silicon Frontline whose job was to spend a day creating video footage for Silicon Frontline and they came back at the end of the day and had no video; how long would it take you to find out why they had no video?
These employees wasted a day and thousands of dollars of your company's money; are you not going to find out why?
A competent owner of a business, and executive in charge, would find out in a day as to whether there was a malfunction of the video camera or whether the employees decided not to do the work they were tasked with or whether the employees deleted the video.
Would you continue to employ employees who deliberately refuse to do the job they are paid to do? Or employees who are so incompetent they cannot perform the duties assigned to them? Or employees who cover up their mistakes by destroying the evidence?
There is absolutely no excuse for you not knowing and then informing the public, the owner of the business, as to why there is no video.
Palo Alto is not some back country town of settlers; Palo Alto is a town of highly educated and knowledgeable professionals who know a sham when they see one. Right now you're pulling a sham.
But then again your City Manager Ed Shikada helped hire Robert Jonsen who was forced to leave the Los Angeles Sheriff's department because of his persistent practice of violating the Constitutional rights of minorities according to a Department of Justice investigation. No wonder your city staff conducted the hiring process behind closed doors to avoid public scrutiny.



I guess that's why you support your officers using racial epithets to describe African Americans:


City Attorney Molly Stump first stated there was video and then later says there is not video. Why would she state there was video if there was none?

Mayor Filseth, additionally you stated, "Overall, it looks pretty much to me like the emergency responders (police) were trying to diagnose and respond" to the woman, he said, adding that he is not an expert on such matters.
The two officers, Clausen and Moore were falsely asserting that the woman was having a physiological episode at the same time paramedics were loading her into the ambulance and treating her for a physical seizure due to a brain tumor.
Then you have Ofc. Clausen illegally searched the woman's home and divulged private information about the woman to the public; violations of city policy.

Mayor Filseth your deliberate negligence is just adding to the punitive damages of the inevitable lawsuit that will be coming.
Received on Thu Oct 10 2019 - 10:31:14 PDT

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