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Save Feldmans Books

From: domainremoved <Mila>
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2019 19:38:45 -0700

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Dear Planning Commission,

My name is Mila Mazur and I am 12 years old and have lived in Menlo Park all my life. As the future of Menlo Park I oppose the destruction of the building at 1170 El Camino Real and the possible closing of Feldman’s Books. The current building plan doesn’t match “historic El Camino Real.” The modual rectangle building will be in a location that is not good for housing, that part of El Camino Real is very busy. The apartments will be loud and filled with pollution from the road. We have very little in Menlo Park that shows our past, the building with it classic store front look from the 1900’s brings character to our area, please don’t replace it with a box with windows. If the building can’t be saved, I hope that the city and the developer work with Mr. Feldman to save his bookstore. While in another location there may not be a garden with an avocado tree, there would still be the books and the commitment to helping small, independentbookstores and business.

Your generation complains that kids don’t read books or value reading and history. What I see in this plan is adult hypocrisyand development greed. Please think of an innovative way to save the building or relocate Feldman’s Books, so my generation has a reason to stay in Menlo Park.

Although I can’t be at the meeting, I’d like this letter to go into the public record for the study session of 1170 El Camino Real.


Mila Mazur

District 4, Menlo Park
Received on Sun Oct 06 2019 - 19:30:45 PDT

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