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F-2: Redistricting

From: domainremoved <Pamela>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2019 18:03:17 -0700

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Mayor Mueller, Mayor Pro Tem Taylor, Councilmembers Nash, Combs, and Carlton and Staff,
The Menlo Park City Council and staff are again to be commended for the highly successful Advisory Districting Committee established to guide our first-time mapping. We are now ready to move to the next level of inclusive and transparent redistricting.
Legislation such as SB 1108 supports general law cities establishing independent redistricting. Most recently, SB 139 was Governor Enrolled. SB 139 requires a county with more than 400,000 residents to establish an independent redistricting commission. Clearly the trend supports independent redistricting commissions at all levels of government.
There are multiple organizations that support independent redistricting commissions at all level of government. The League of Women Voter’s states “We believe responsibility for fair redistricting should be vested in an independent commission.” California Common Cause explicitly states “voters should pick their representatives …” in support of local redistricting. In addition, the California Local Redistricting Project “provides educational resources and assistance to local jurisdictions interested in moving away from political redistricting towards interdependent redistricting.”
It is important that the City of Menlo Park removes itself from the process of redistricting by the establishment of an Independent Redistricting Commission. Although the Advisory Districting Committee’s recommendation was accepted and passed by ordinance, our future lies in a process that eliminates any possibility or inference of political interference. This can only be accomplished by citizens who will make the final decision on the establishment of districts.
Respectfully, Pamela D. Jones, resident

The impossible dissipates when I becomes WE.
Received on Sun Sep 29 2019 - 17:56:00 PDT

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