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Sept 21 Coastal Cleanup at Bedwell Bayfront Park

From: domainremoved <Chris>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2019 18:14:47 -0700

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Dear members of Menlo Park City Council,
For the 10th year, Bedwell Bayfront Park was a Coastal Cleanup station on Sept 21, 2019. Here’s a brief summary of some very worthwhile volunteer efforts on a hot day, under the leadership of site captain Davena Gentry.
150 pounds of trash and 50 pounds of recycling (cans and bottles) were picked up.
We had 140 volunteers – many more than in previous years.
Volunteers came in family groups, as individuals, as well as from Sacred Heart School (they come every year), from a Scout group, and from law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.
Highlights (or low lights):

  * Too many cigarette butts -- one volunteer said this was especially bad around the construction area -- as well as too many single-use dental flossers.
  * One volunteer filled an entire bag with booze bottles, just from the bushes across from the “restroom parking lot” where there's a packed dirt "parking" area.
  * Of course people collected various odd things, including a commode.
  * Several reports of cats, as well as reports of homeless camps under bushes.

The final results filled the dumpster provided and rose a couple of feet above the rim!

A huge pile of insulation material and electronics had been hidden behind parked cars at the edge of Flood Slough and this was reported to the Community Services Director and to Public Works for removal.
Chris MacIntosh
Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park
Received on Thu Sep 26 2019 - 18:07:09 PDT

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