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Invitation to the City Council to tonight's "Goodbye Guild" special event, a free screening of "Cinema Paradiso" at 7pm at the Guild

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Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2019 17:22:45 +0000 (UTC)

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Dear City Council members,

Thank you for your support of community events to support the Guild Theater. Although we were unable to find a buyer to remodel and continue to offer a full schedule of indie/arts/foreign films and documentaries there, I appreciate the thoughtful and forward-looking responses of the Council. Supporters of our petition are confident that as part of the public benefit, the new Guild will include film and film festivals as part of its arts programming, as we've been assured by Drew Dunlevie. Below is my reminder of tonight's event as posted today on nextdoor.com, Menlo Park. Please also see Sam Whiting's follow-up article on the Guild: https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/movies-tv/guild-theatre-in-menlo-park-to-close

This is your special invitation to come and if you want to, make a brief comment with me before the film.

- Judy Adams, Menlo Park resident

Here's my post:


A REMINDER: COME TONIGHT, SEPT. 25th FOR A "GOODBYE GUILD THEATER" SPECIAL FREE SCREENING OF “CINEMA PARADISO”, doors open at 6:30, screening at 7pm<https://nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=125072258>
 The supporters of the Save the Guild Theater petition were planning to have a “Goodbye Guild” event at the theater at its closing. including a free screening there of the wonderful Italian film “Cinema Paradiso,” called a “cinema love song” by reviewers. But we had only a few days to put this event together after a surprise announcement 9-20 from Landmark that the theater was closing after its regular schedule on Sept. 26th. Thanks to Drew Dunlevie of the Peninsula Arts Guild (which owns the building), Landmark has given us tonight to hold our special event!

We had more than 4000 signatures on our Save the Guild Theater petition and petition organizer, Judy Adams, hosting tonight's event, thanks everyone involved! But whether you signed the petition or not, please bring your family, friends and neighbors to the special film honoring our 90+ year old Guild theater tonight. We may be able to schedule another screening in a larger venue in the future,

but TONIGHT is the formal goodbye to the Guild. Don’t miss the special free screening of “Cinema Paradiso. We expect the doors to open around 6:30 or we will form a line then. Film at 7. No charge, no tickets! Refreshments at the concession stand will be at the usual cost. Give the Guild a great send-off TONIGHT!

(second photo a rendition of the new Guild Theater as a live music
venue, by CAW architects)

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