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Traffic Lights

From: domainremoved <Julie>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2019 18:26:38 -0700

To Whom it May Concern,

During M-A school start and end times there is a huge amount of traffic that clogs Middlefield, Ravenswood, Ringwood and El Camino that could easily be mitigated by modifying the timing of the left turn lane lights at Ringwood/Middlefield and Middlefield/Ravenswood twice per day. The left turn lane lights should be kept on for a longer period of time for the twenty minutes around school start and end times to account for the increase in students/parents entering and exiting. The lights I'm referencing are the left turn light from Middlefield to Ringwood and the left turn light from Middlefield to Ravenswood. To keep the cycle the same length, the non turn lights would be shortened. Proposed times outlined below, coinciding with school start and end times.

The proposed change would improve traffic dramatically and for a little amount of effort.

Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 8:40-9:00am and 3:15-3:25pm
Wednesday: 9:15-9:35am and 3:15-3:25pm
Thursday: 9:20-9:30am and 3:05-3:15pm

Thank you for this consideration and I hope the council sees that minor modifications such as these mitigate the traffic delays and therefore increase the happiness of Menlo Park residents.

Julie Nelson
1110 Cotton Street
Received on Mon Sep 16 2019 - 18:18:57 PDT

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