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thank you for the opportunity to speak at City Council

From: domainremoved <Stephanie>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2019 11:25:20 -0700

Dear council members:

Thank you very much for the opportunity to address the council during the
Public Comment section of the meeting this past Tuesday, Sept. 10.

As you might remember, I spoke about hate incidents happening in Menlo Park
experienced by myself and a friend. Both of us appear to be "Asian
American" looking. At the end of my presentation, I requested that the
Council consider putting this item on the agenda for a forthcoming council
meeting. Could you please let me know the status of my request?

Please also find the text I presented last Tuesday, for your reference.

Kind regards

Stephanie Miller
Resident of Menlo Park


This past Labor Day weekend, an Asian-American friend of mine was walking
alone in the afternoon through Burgess Park. In a parking lot, she
encountered a car of mostly teenage boys (and one girl) coming toward her.
The car tried to hit her. She quickly got out of the way. The car turned
and tried to hit her again. They got out of the car and surrounded her,
holding metal objects as weapons. They hurled racial epithets toward her.
She managed to get away from them, and headed to the Library to take
shelter. She believes they were walking to the skateboard area.

She reported this incident to the police the next day. She was told by the
officer that not a lot could be done since she had no evidence, no video or
photographs. The officer said they would try to review the footage on
security cameras; she seemed dubious that anything would be solved or

This unfortunately wasn’t the first incident of this kind for my friend.
Previously, she was in the CVS drugstore in Menlo Park. A man confronted
her telling her that chinks and gooks are taking over and that he wanted to
kill them all. She ran out of the store.

A couple of months ago, I also experienced racist remarks. I was crossing
Middlefield Road at Willow Street, walking my bike. A Caucasian male on a
bike was crossing the same intersection from the opposite direction. As I
got closer to him, I heard him yelling at me in an incomprehensible
manner. But as I got closer I heard him say to me: “Fucking Asian!” I
ignored him and continued on my way home. I never saw this man again. I
reported this incident to the Police.

I am recounting these incidents for the following reasons: 1) to raise
awareness that these incidents of aggression based on racial prejudice and
intolerance are happening right here; 2) in addition to tracking hate
crimes, are police tracking hate motivated incidents and instances of white
nationalist propaganda, which have the potential to sow hate crimes in the
future; 3) what are the cognizant police forces, city council/government
officials, educators, and community in general doing to encourage reporting
of such incidents, to raise awareness, and prevent these incidents from
happening in the future?

People in various communities in the US are becoming victims of violence
and aggression just because of their race and ethnicity. Two tragic and
recent examples are the mass shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, where
the shooter posted a racist manifesto prior to acting, and the shooting at
a Walmart in El Paso where the shooter was specifically targeting people of
Mexican American descent. These are the results of unchecked racial
hatred. What are we in Menlo Park doing to prevent trauma and loss of life
stemming from racial hatred and intolerance from happening here?

I hereby request that the Menlo Park City Council put the topic of hate
crimes and incidents in our community on the agenda for a future City
Council meeting. The topic warrants a robust and considered conversation
on how we might work together to address this. Thank you.
Received on Mon Sep 16 2019 - 11:17:50 PDT

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