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9/24/19 Agenda

From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2019 01:20:11 +0000 (UTC)

I see that you will be discussing Joint policing with Atherton.  One thing that you should address is the cavalcade of double dump trucks and other construction trucks that come from the various construction sites in Atherton, along Alameda and Alpine Road to 280.  I have repeatedly followed these trucks to and from Atherton sites.  One such double dump ruck even parked their back dump trailer in the bike lane in the WMP section of Alameda before proceeding to a site on Walsh road.  On Sept. 5 I followed a truck from Alpine (logo "Gary Pollack Construction", Lic. # 23448U1) down Alameda.  I had to go over 30 mph in the 25 mph zone to keep up with it.  Then it was tardy pulling over for the E4 fire engine heading to an emergency.  After that it went down Atherton Ave, to Barry Lane where it failed to stop at Faxon and proceeded to a construction site at #43 Faxon.  These trucks come and go to and from Atherton via Alameda and Alpine to get to 280.  The only reason for that is that there is no law enforcement presence on Alpine and the trucks can speed.  Woodside Road is a far closer way to get to 280.  The other day a concrete truck went around the School Bus stop at Stowe when the red lights were flashing.
MP has rules for truck traffic and speeding along Alameda through the congested business district, and Alpine which has blind corners and school bus stops is not sensible an appropriate route to 280.
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