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Reach Code - Continue Menlo's Climate Leadership on 9/10

From: domainremoved <Erin>
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2019 10:56:50 -0700

Dear Esteemed Mayor and City Council Members:

Tomorrow, I ask for your continued climate leadership on behalf of Menlo
Park residents and businesses by passing Ordinance No. 1057 adopting
updated building codes and local amendments to the 2019 California Energy
Code to require higher levels of building electrification and solar
production for newly constructed buildings to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions effective January 1, 2020. The same action and timeline is
proposed for the City and County of San Francisco, over 40 other cities,
and countless corporate campuses are already looking at similar policies
support electric buildings and phasing out gas from new homes & buildings.
Let's have Menlo Park be one of the first to move forward on this critical
action to be sure that residents and businesses build (or renovate!) to
codes that ensure all occupants have access to healthy, climate-neutral
spaces to live, work, grow and play.

Natural gas was a "bridge fuel" that served its purpose and its time has
come. It is a dated and dirty energy source that should be eliminated and
replaced with the clean electric alternatives YOU established for our City
with the founding of Peninsula Clean Energy. The combustion of natural gas
produces negligible amounts of sulfur, mercury, and particulates. Burning
natural gas does produce nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are precursors to
smog, but at lower levels than gasoline and diesel used for motor vehicles.
In looking upstream, the drilling and extraction of natural gas from wells
and its transportation in pipelines results in the leakage of methane,
primary component of natural gas that is 34 times stronger than CO2 at
trapping heat over a 100-year period and 86 times stronger over 20 years (

Please let these facts drive decision-making and not be swayed by
misinformation shared by proponents of the status quo. Reporting in the
Daily Post suggests that natural gas is cheaper and less impacted during
emergency events - though the source is a developer NOT our energy
provider. In fact, PGE has stated the exact inverse noting that electric
systems can come back online within days, natural gas can take months. And
with investment in local renewables + storage, which Menlo Park should also
be prioritizing, our local grid will become further reinforced and ready to
serve as increasing extreme events present supply side utility challenges
and outages.

Ordinance No. 1057 is your chance to be progressive and bold - to serve up
Menlo Park's own Climate Strike (https://globalclimatestrike.net/) in
advance of the day of global youth organizing across the planet against the
inaction of their elders to protect a planet that has 11 years to regain
temperature and climate stability. Menlo Park's shift to electrified HVAC,
hot water, and appliances in new construction and major renovations of
residential, commercial AND municipal facilities is a legacy action. These
buildings will outlive us, not our children who deserve healthy homes,
offices, libraries, community centers that we made happen with strong

With gratitude for your climate leadership - Erin Cooke (Allied Arts
Resident and mama of Graham and Izzy)
Received on Mon Sep 09 2019 - 10:49:54 PDT

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