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Problems at Sand Hill/Santa Cruz that need fixing

From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2019 19:55:30 +0000 (UTC)

I am addressing this to the Council since past complaints to PW have yielded no response.A dangerous spot exists at the intersection of southbound SantaCruz/ west Sand Hill where traffic turns from e.g. Safeway or SLAC, to go toAlpine or Junipero Serra.  I havecomplained about this numerous times and absolutelynothing has been done to correct the problem. Last night I was very nearly crushed by a speeding car.The Problem: Thereis a bikelane combined with a merge lane but there isnothing to indicate that it is either, and cars routinely thinkthat it is a second lane causing numerous near misses.
The solution:  Paint some merge arrows and install some greenbike lane indicators on the road surface.
Another problem exists that I have also complained about numeroustimes, and about which nothing has also been done to correct it.  There is a brick median along the part of theroad between the Alpine and Sand Hill intersections.  Part of this median “bulbs out.”  During the evening rush hour this preventsaccess by motorists coming from Junipero Serra who wish to make a left turnonto Sand Hill in order to get to I-280 because the through traffic lanes are fulland there is no space to get to the left turn lane.  The result is that when the left turn arrow turnsgreen, there are only one or two cars able to proceed, and the left  turn lane is virtually vacant.  The remaining vehicles are backed up alongJSB until the through traffic moves forward.The solution: Shaveoff the “bulb out” to allow more vehicles/traffic light signal to enter theleft turn lane.
Received on Fri Aug 23 2019 - 12:49:41 PDT

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