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EIR contract for Willow VIllage

From: domainremoved <Patti>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2019 12:32:46 -0700

I see in the Willow Village EIR contract proposal that the consultants intend to study the impacts of more net new employees than the maximum allowed citywide (!) by 2040 under the ConnectMenlo General Plan (GP). As stated, the total net new employees projected for Willow Village project is 5,500: 138% more employees on that site than currently (4,000).

 On page 10 of the staff report for tonight is the statement “it is anticipated that the Project would result in more employees than what was analyzed in the ConnectMenlo EIR.”

No kidding! On Table 3-2 on page 3-29 of the ConnectMenlo Draft EIR, the net new employee number for both the ENTIRE Bayfront area and ENTIRE city as a result of the modified General Plan was 5,500 employees. So ... since other new projects already would use up part of that total, Facebook is proposing in Willow Village to blow past that, all by themselves.

This essentially blows up the 2040 ConnectMenlo General Plan’s integrity. It means that the adopted zoning rules are failing to support what the GP was to produce over the next 21 years — with so many new impacts that a full new EIR is required just for this one long-anticipated project. It also means that other projects that add jobs may be forced to pay for their own EIR’s.

The Council needs to be aware that it will be faced with nearterm projects with impacts that exceed the significant adverse impacts projected in the entire period up to 2040. When will you acknowledge that Menlo Park has has enough; that no amount of “amenities” can ever make up for all these additional adverse impacts? Now would be a good time to signal that.

Patti Fry, former Menlo Park Planning Commissioner

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