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Re: Recent repairs to the bike path between Sand Hill Rd and Alpine Road

From: domainremoved <Barry>
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2019 03:48:05 +0000

Re: Recent repairs to the bike path between Sand Hill Rd and Alpine Road

I have a somewhat different view than Janet's and Gunther's.

(1) I've been riding this portion of the bike path three or four time a week for around 20 years. This path is part of my daily commute to work and to errands in Palo Alto.

The leveling and repaving of the treacherous mid-section of the path has vastly improved the most dangerous portion of the path. For this reason alone, the repairs to the path make a big, positive difference which I appreciate.

(2) Still, I agree with Janet and Gunther that far, more could have been done.

(i) The portion of the path as you emerge from the underpass facing the golf course, going sharply into a right-hand turn on a steep uphill grade is hard to maneuver and remains unsafe. I doubt that such a grade meets the applicable safety codes. You simply cannot see what's ahead in this steep and sharp right-hand turn. I've met several cyclists going in the other direction (i.e., down the hill from Alpine Rd. toward Sand Hill) who cut the corner on the sharp. On five or six occasions, I've had near-miss accidents.

(ii) The second problem with the path is not about repaving, but the grade and line of sight in the middle portion of the path between Sand Hill Rd and Alpine Road. As you're coming from Alpine road toward Sand Hill, the road curves to the right so that it's difficulty to see what's ahead. Coming in the other direction - from Sand Hill toward Alpine, the grade under Santa Cruz Ave is steep, and I've seen 100s of cyclist speed down this portion of the path.

I had the worst bike accident of my life on this portion of the path, in April of 2017. I was riding uphill from the underpass below Junipero Serra staying to my right. Out of my sight was a pedestrian and a cyclist. The cyclist was speeding down the hill from Sand Hill. To avoid the pedestrian, the cyclist went to her left - that is into the portion of the bike path for uphill traffic. She could not see me; and given her speed, she couldn't avoid me. She crashed directly into me. I landed on the ground and blacked out. Luckily, no broken bones for me, but my wounds required 17 stiches and I still have various muscle problems, including my neck.

In sum, the two portions of the path remain dangerous and should be repaired.


Barry R. Weingast
Received on Thu Aug 01 2019 - 20:41:24 PDT

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