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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

From: domainremoved <Gunter>
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2019 07:03:02 +0000 (UTC)

   - You fixed the section with the 18”deep subsidence and the subsequent narrowing of the trail
   - You fixed the unsafe downhillsection between Sand Hill Road and the underpass that suffered from significantfractures and offsets
   - You fixed the fractured downhillsection on the other side of the underpass along Junipero Sera
   - You removed the “line of sight”obstructing branch by the underpass
   - You removed the “line of sight”obstructing branches by the turn leading to the underpass
    For these things I am grateful.  Thank you.

   - Even though the section where thesubsidence occurred has been “backfilled”, nothing was done to prevent or evenmitigate future slippage.  No engineering,no pylons, no stakes, just more weight.  Yousimply put a “Band-Aid” on it, kicked the can down the road and called it aday.
   - Even though the path is currentlyclear and free of detritus, nothing was done to stabilize the bank or in anyway mitigate the problem of a slipping, sloughing and eroding hillside.  The debris, leaves, dirt, rocks and smallboulders will continue to cascade down over time just as earlier pictures ofthe site have shown.  The gabion thatcurrently holds back part of the hillside above the underpass should have beenextended further down or, at the very least, a barrier should have been placedon that side of the trail to prevent it from being inundated by debrisover time.  Also, consideration should be given to periodic scheduled maintenance like at least every six months.
   - The branches that were removed aspart of “Line of Sight” remediation were simply tossed over the fence by theunderpass or, in the case of the trail, into the drainage ditch by the golfcourse where they will dry out and add to the available fuel if a fire shouldever break out there possibly as the result of illegal homeless encampments orpeople carelessly tossing their cigarette butts over the fence or the railingfrom the overpass. 


Part of the reason for doing thiswork was to remediate all of the patently unsafe conditions vis-à-vis the trail,caused by slippage and erosion of the hillside both above and below thetrail.  So, is the trail “safe" now?
   - Apparently no engineering effort orremediation was put into stabilizing the bank to prevent further slippage overtime; a gross oversight with respect to ensuring the viability of the path over time as well as thesafety of its users.  I hope you’vealready budgeted for a redo in the next 5 years or so.
   - In the remediation effort, thewidth of the trail was maintained but, since it was raised significantly in thearea of subsidence, the shoulder that used to be there between the trail andthe fence has now disappeared, creating another significant safety hazard.  If anyone accidentally steps off of the pathinto that trench and is injured, that’s on you and you’ll be hearing from anyof a dozen of personal injury attorneys. I hope you’ve budgeted for that.  Whya shield was not put against  the fenceand the trench backfilled with gravel is beyond me.
   - The shoulder of the trail is heldby fascia boards consisting of untreated lumber (pine?) which is buttressed byrather spindly looking stakes also of untreated wood and, in places, rebar.  Knowing how long untreated wood lasts, you’relooking at replacing that every 4 or 5 years and, failing to do that, the shoulder of the trail will start to break offcreating an additional hazard.
So, who wrote the projectrequirements and specifications?  Whooversaw the project and who inspected and signed off on it after it’scompletion?  Anyone?  And if so, how did they miss all of itemsmentioned above?  As a resident of SWA, a taxpayer and userof this trail I have a vested interest and would really like a satisfactory answerto these questions.

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Received on Wed Jul 31 2019 - 23:59:01 PDT

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