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From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 21:41:21 +0000 (UTC)

The crew that were working on the underpass trail between Alpine and Sand Hill did an incompetent job:

The trees that were "trimmed" were not removed, but were thrown either into the drainage ditch beside Alpine Road and the Golf course, or they were tossed over the fence beneath the underpass onto the creek bank.
The remnants of a homeless encampment were left in place, and instead of installng a storm drain cover over the grid, the crew used an old pillow from the homeless person's garbage to prevent rocks and gravel going into the drain.

The place that had been resurfaced, instead of being thoroughly excavated and redone, appeared to have been lightly scraped and built up so that the edge by the fence is now about 1 ft. higher than the  old base surface.  This new asphalt was buttressed at the side by lengths of untreated wood, which were themselves "supported" by thin strips of also-untreated wood.  This left a sizable gap between the new  surface and the wire fence at the curved portion of the "trail," creating a patently obvious danger for cyclists coming down the curve, or even for pedestrians   Next month the kids will start going back to school and some of them use this route.  There is also a problem with high speed cyclists using this "trail" instead of the surface bike lane and they create a hazard for everybody else because there is no speed limit or patrol of the "trail."

In the past I have seen people scrambling down the side of the embankment where there is no gabion.  Some time ago there were kids using the "trail" for skate boarding.  My husband has seen kids with dirt bikes on the hillside above and to the side of the gabion which obviously exacerbates erosion..  

The trail was poorly designed and engineered in the first place, and in the winter road water sluices down from the drainage holes in waterfalls and the resulting erosion is obvious.
When the "trail" was installed, the city was to be responsible for maintenance.  That does not seem to be happening at least in the portions  not easily visible from the road.  This comment also applies to the portion along Alpine Road up to Rural Lane and the city limit.  The city needs to hire a more responsible subcontractor, or more closely supervise whoever is doing the work.
Received on Mon Jul 29 2019 - 14:34:43 PDT

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